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Personal Productivity

Managing your Chimp!

Recently I've been sharing with a number of successful individuals I coach, the whole concept of "managing your chimp". This all comes from a book called 'The Chimp Paradox' by…

Christmas exercise in Cognitive Fitness

If you have participated in any of my coaching or mentoring, you will know how much I emphasis the ‘framework for success’ that I have shared in the past. It…

Working smarter – not harder

A perennial question I am asked is "How can I do all I need to do when there isn't enough time?" Followed by, "I just wish I had time to…
We would do well to look back, reflect and act upon the words of others far wiser that us. The following extract was shared with me by Wanjiku Nyachae a…

Recovering from information overload

When we are constantly bombarded by information, when do you find the time to stop? Multitasking decreases productivity so have you found time to hit the ‘reset button’? This article…

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