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What makes a great place to work?

The question of "What makes a great place to work?" seems to perennially do the rounds. Maybe because in finding the answer we have the solution to effective organisations.

The trouble is, if it were that simple, we would all apply the 'answer' and everything would be... you get my point!

However, having just posted a comment in answer to the question I thought it might be useful to share some simple answers, with the caveat that while it may be easy to say these things, the delivery in real life is far more complex.

So, to some possible answer for the questions;

The findings from millions of survey questions analysed by Gallup on the subject of 'What makes a great place to work?" found it broke down into four main themes, namely;

Basic needs
Managerial support
Individual growth.
From this Gallup went on to devise 'Q12′ a simple diagnostic tool(s) that allows for insight into your team through to organisations as teams.
Each theme has detailed explanations, but fundamentally these themes do look similar to Maslow's (some things never change). For more insight into the Q12 work, there are a selection of publications of which, "12: The elements of great managing" was the first!

More recent work showed the key issues to be;

Sustainability (physical)
Security (emotional)
Self expression (mental)
I will say more in future posts, as this is a gentle starter for 10 (not 12!).

The key thing to note though is that all these themes fundamentally relate to 'people' issues and we should not be surprised.

So in answer to the question, a great place to work is as a result of the people within it.

Peter Buckley

I coach and develop individuals and businesses, in the private and public sector, Internationally and in the UK at board C-Suite and operational levels. Acknowledged outstanding results delivered through bespoke individual and team coaching, mentoring and leadership development to enable performance and productivity improvement with positive team dynamics and sustainable enhanced morale.

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