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Leaders, Hormones and Trust

A recent article by Sarah Amani, Senior Program Manager at Oxford Academic Health Science Network, beautifully distils a view on what makes for a good leader. Sarah says; After surviving…

Poor leadership = poor adaption to changes

Changes conjure up many feelings and emotions - excitement, anticipation and happiness, but change can often herald reservation, concern, even fear. While many leaders extol the benefits of change, not…

The Dark Side of Leadership Reputation

Within the film industry, George Lucas had a great reputation, built partly on his success with Star Wars. As the story goes, wisely he outsourced the original Star Wars sequels…

Leading Change

As a leader, do you engage people at the level of spirit? For this “Thought for Today” I felt a new approach was needed, so I have taken the liberty…
The seasons change, life is constant change and work... well you don't need me to tell you! We all look for some certainties in life. This includes aspects of our…

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