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Delivering Performance

Does Ethics Matter In Business?

Having 'consulted' for many years in a plethora of organisations from commercial through to public service and charity on areas from leadership, through team working and subsequently high performance cultures,…

'Jive Talking'

I remember when the Bee Gees released the song "Jive talkin'" in 1975. Oh those halcyon days as a teenager with no cares in the world, enjoying school (I actually…

Maths v English

I wonder if you remember the choices you had to make during school which almost felt like having to choose between Maths and English. The “Now is it going to be…

Achieving service economy success in tough times

It is a well known fact, and published extensively in both braodsheets and business books, that strong, successful organisations, businesses and companies, be they in the commercial, public or not-for-profit…
How much can effective coaching help you and your organisation? Do you want to begin coaching but don’t know where to start? This comprehensive toolkit allows for you to discover…

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